11th Aaha Gold Cup 2013
11th Aaha Gold Cup 2013
  Participating Teams
Three Star Club
Nepal Army Club
Jawalakhel Youth Club
Manang Marshyangdi
Machhindra FC
Friends Club
Nepal Police Club
Sahara Club
Dharan FC
Gorkha Brigade, India
Southern Samity
    The estimated budget of 11th Aaha! RARA gold cup football tournament is Rs 6.192m, the organizers Sahara Club told reporters this morning in Pokhara.

    Sahara Club is organizing the championship at Pokhara Stadium from January 22, involving 12 teams from Nepal and India.

    The winners will take away Rs 3,51,000 while the runners up team will get Rs 2,01,000.

    The organizers said that the man of the match will get trophy.

    The highest goal scorer will receive Rs 15,000 and the best players of the tournament will get Rs 10,000 each. Fair play team will get Rs 5,000.

    Sahara Club is also providing match money to the participating teams. The club will provide Rs 10,000 to the winning team in pre-quarterfinals and Rs 5,000 to the losing team.

    The quarterfinal winners will get RS 15,000 and the losing side will get Rs 10,000. Both semifinalists will get Rs 20,000 each.

    The Club will also award on LG 21 inch Color TV to one winner through lucky draw.

    GoalNepal.com & Sahara FC UK will also give away one LG 21 inch Color TV to one lucky winner who will make correct prediction on GoalNepal.com.

    The seasonal ticket price has been set Rs 1,000. The club also informed that first round match ticket will cost Rs 50, second round match cost Rs 70, semifinal and final Rs 100.
Sn Match Status Result Date Venue
1 Jawalakhel Youth Club - Dharan FC Played 0 - 0 2012-01-22 Pokhara Stadium
2 Friends Club - Nepal Army Club Played 0 - 3 2013-01-23 Pokhara Stadium
3 RCT - Southern Samity Played 1 - 0 2013-01-24 Pokhara Stadium
4 Sahara Club - Machhindra FC Played 1 - 0 2013-01-25 Pokhara Stadium
5 Jawalakhel Youth Club - Gorkha Brigade, India Played 2 - 0 2013-01-26 Pokhara Stadium
  Quater Final        
Sn Match Status Result Date Venue
6 Nepal Police Club - Nepal Army Club Played 0 - 1 2013-01-27 Pokhara Stadium
7 Sahara Club - Manang Marshyangdi Played 2 - 2 2013-01-29 Pokhara Stadium
  Semi Final        
Sn Match Status Result Date Venue
8 RCT - Three Star Club Played 1 - 1 2013-01-28 Pokhara Stadium
9 Jawalakhel Youth Club - Three Star Club Played 1 - 2 2013-01-30 Pokhara Stadium
10 Nepal Army Club - Sahara Club Played 0 - 0 2013-01-31 Pokhara Stadium
Sn Match Status Result Date Venue
11 Sahara Club - Three Star Club Played 0 - 1 2013-02-02 Pokhara Stadium
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