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Madhyapur Youth Signs Bikesh Kuthu, Saroj Dahal, Jeevan Sinkeman, Siddhi Shrestha
Apr 16, 2012 03:00:34 PM
GoalNepal.com - Madhyapur Youth Signs Bikesh Kuthu, Saroj Dahal, Jeevan Sinkeman, Siddhi Shrestha
Madhyapur Youth Association (MYA) has signed two important players from Yeti Himalayan Sherpa Club for the new football season.

MYA Coach, Prakash Baidhya informed GoalNepal.com that the club had already signed Yeti Himalayan Sherpa club goalie, Bikesh Kuthu and defender Saroj Dahal.

The club also signed APF man, Jeevan Sinkeman and WMMC player, Siddhi Shrestha.

Coach Prakash Baidhya added that they were in talks with Raj Kumar ghising to strengthen the striking line.

Details to follow...
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