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Laxmi Hyundai MMC Approaches Former Nepal Coach Krishna Thapa For The Coaching Job?
Apr 12, 2012 11:40:25 AM
GoalNepal.com - Laxmi Hyundai MMC Approaches Former Nepal Coach Krishna Thapa For The Coaching Job?
Laxmi Hyundai MMC has approached former Nepal National team coach, Krishna Thapa for the coaching job.

GoalNepal.com can confirm that LH MMC management had offered a job to Thapa weeks back but no decision has been made so far.

GoalNepal.com spoke to Coach Thapa about his interest to handle the Club side.

"I was approached by the Club for the coaching job. I am a government official and my posting is in Pokhara. But National Sports Council has recently tranfered me to Kathmandu and I am interested to handle the coaching job".

"I haven't decided yet to coach the team", Thapa said, "The Club president, Tashi Ghale had spoken with me about the job. I am looking forward to terms and condition set by the Club. If the T&C impresses me, I will handle the team".

"LH MMC are a good side and the team can win major titles if they work hard", Thapa said, "I will be happy to lead them to glory in major tournaments".

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