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Mar 25, 2012 09:19:00 AM - is 3 years old; Support Us To Take Nepalese Football To Greater Heights has successfully completed three years and it has all become possible because of love and support from you all.

Mr. Bikram Thapa, CEO Of, thanked all the fans, proud partners, stake holders of Nepalese football & GoalNepal team members.

Thapa also said that would organize Fan's Cup in the first week of Baisakh to mark anniversary of

"We should walk together. We should roar together and we should share our joy and pain. Come let's join hands to take Nepalese football to greater heights. needs your support and suggestions", CEO Thapa said.

"Three years passed like three winks of eyes. There are many things that we can do. Yes, we will go step by step building strong foundation for the up-coming generation", Thapa added.

"If we don't do then who will?", Thapa questioned.

"Nepalese football needs your support and is just asking your support to develop the game in the country".

Thank you for your love & Support!

Let's chant together with us, Jay Nepalese football!
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