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Youth Football In Nepal: Mahindra Bansbari Club To Spend 25% Of Total Club Budget To Youth Football Academy
Feb 20, 2012 12:48:56 PM
There are very few Nepalese football Clubs who run the youth academies. Mahindra Bansbari Football Club is one of them.

The Club is running youth football academy in their own practice ground at Bansbari, Maharajgunj since four years. More than 80 budding football players (9-12 Years, 12-14 Years, 14-17 Years) are being trained by three coaches. Bharat Lama - who is the coach of the academy- is assisted by Bhuwan Bogati and Niran. met Mahindra Bansbari club officials in their own practice ground and asked them about the plan for the youth academy.

"We are excited to run this academy. It has been a year that we are running this academy. We are getting overwhelming support from the children and their parents", MBFC General Secretary, Madhusudan Pyakurel told

"We have realized that youth football academy is the only thing that we can completely rely on to build a strong team in future", Pyakurel said, "We are not bothered with our performance in the top flight. Promotion and relegation is the common practice in football. But we are building a team for the future".

Pic: Pemba Sherpa, See More Pictures HERE

MBFC is a A status Club which plays in Martyrs Memorial A Division League.

The President of the Club, Prem Thapa is also excited about the academy run by the Club.

"The big teams here in Nepal don't have their youth academies", Club President Thapa said, "We feel proud to have youth academy in our team. Luckily, we have a ground where we can train the boys".

Thapa also revealed that they had decided to spend 25% of total budget of the Club to Youth Football Academy.

"We have already decided to seperate 25% of the total budget to the academy", President Thapa added, "This program will go on for a long term to produce good football players in the country".

Mahindra is the main sponsor of the Club, which provides Rs 8 Lakhs per year to the Club. The Club has the sponsorship deal with the Mahindra for two years. The total budget of the Club is not less than Rs 2.5m for a year.

"We are negotiating with them (sponsors) to increase the amount this year", President Thapa answered when asked him about the sponsorship deal with the Mahindra.

"They are very helpful. Actually, we are excited to do more programs because our main sponsors have supported us a lot", President Thapa added.

Mahindra Bansbari FC Officials . Pic: Pemba Sherpa,

"All the Clubs should have youth academy and it should be made a mandatory for all Clubs who want to take participate in the top flight", Pyakurel said, "There is no option to youth academies for the development of Nepalese football".

"ANFA should also disburse the amount from its grassroots program to those Clubs who are running the academies", Pyakurel, who is also the member of ANFA, said, "That will motivate the Clubs to run the academies".

MBFC Youth Coach Bharat Lama is very happy to train the boys. He aims to produce good footballers .

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