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Nepal Police Club Coach Birat Krishna Shrestha: My Boys Played Like Volleyball, Not Football
Jan 15, 2012 05:22:49 PM
Nepal Police Club Coach, Birat Krishna Shrestha was seen frustrated in the post match conference after playing 0-0 draw against Mega Three Star Club in Red Bull A Division League Football Tournament at Butwal Technical Center on Sunday.

The win over Mega Three Star Club would have sealed the League title for Cops but they now have to wait until they take on Samsung JYC in their next match.

"I am not happy at all. We played good football in the first half but second half was poor. We played under pressure. We couldn't utilize the chances in the first half. Had we utilized those goal scoring chances in the first half, we wouldn't have under pressure in the second half. It was like my players playing volleyball but football. They were not holding the ball. They cleared when they got the ball. It was like volleyball game. They should have simply controlled and passed the ball".

"We are still on the title race and we are determined to win the title", Coach Shrestha said, "The win over Samsung JYC will do everything for us. We are cautious and have learnt lesson from today's match".

"We will not repeat the same mistakes that we made today in the next match", Coach Shrestha added.

Cops have 19 points from seven matches. They have two round matches left against Samsung JYC and LH MMC.

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