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Jhapa: Bhutanese Refugee Team Stuns Sainik Club To Lift The Title
Dec 28, 2011 04:01:13 PM
Bhutanese Refugee Team stunned Jhapa District League Champions, Sainik Club 4-3 to lift the title of Jhapa District Inter Club Football Tournament at the Chandragadi Football Stadium, Jhapa on Wednesday.

** Peeep! Here we Go!

** 5' Bhutanese team scores a GOAL. Amir Lama scores.

** 37' Another GOAL from Bhutanese team! Biren Tamang doubles the tally.


** Second half starts...

** 46' GOAL.GOAL..Another goal for Bhutanese team. Sonam Sherpa scores.

** 51' Sainik Club is back. GOAL Santosh Gurung scores Tamang cuts the deficit

** 53' GOAL.GOAL Sainik cuts the deficit. Devendra Tamang scores

** 56' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL! Sainik levels the score. Dipen Rai scores.

** Wow.....What a leveling GOAL.....Dipen Rai levels the score!

** 79' GOAL Bhutanese team extends the tally. Bikash Rai scores

FULL TIME Bhutanese Refugee team stunned Jhapa District League Champions Sainik Club 4-3

The winners receive Rs 1 Lakh and Sainik Club gets Rs 50,000. 

The tournament is organized by Jhapa Sports Development Committee and Caritas Nepal.

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