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GoalNepal Vox Pop: What Should Be Done To Improve Youth Football In Nepal?
Sep 14, 2011 09:29:53 PM

GoalNepal asked Nepalese football fans in GoalNepal facebook fan page about what should be done to improve youth football in Nepal.

Let's read what they have to say:

Prajwol Kadel:proper training...selection of player..encoragement progamme...

Hardik Lohani: Strong governing body, proper football leagues, lots of football academies.

Milan Ghimire
: We need two more international football ground, More international exposure, more domestic tournaments and good economic benefits for the players..

Dip YongHang: academy ko matra player's khelauenu vayena........

Subas Kc
:Mainly...players taking from out of from other district.and need proper trainig by the intl coach.

Aayush Maan Shrestha
: Youth camps setup(encourage big national internatnal clubs to do so)
Involvement of more teams in da nat'l league frm out syd da valley.
Players to b kept in regular trainin sessions irrelevant to big tournaments coming or not

Biren Khadka: selection fairly hunu paryo. Naya technology ko training & football ko byapakadvertisemen hunu paryo. Not only ocassionaly.

Adam NEvil Samsohang
‎1. Better qualified coaches. This ensures better training schemes and workouts.
2. Improved conditions of current football grounds. Watering the pitch more often and having a consistent ground field level. Not inconsistent holes here and there.
3. Improved government funding for the development of football starting from grassroots football. They should think long term

Shree Chandra Rana:Balance foods,balance training n good coach,selecting players from whole nation

Bikram Lama
: fair selection of players , adequate training facilities along with lots of matches 4 experience n last but not the least good coaching n motivating programs r required to improve the quality of the game n 2 boost up their confidence .

Roshan Rai: first of al no acedamy of fotbal coz dey tnk themself a superstar,feling proudnes so hate others.dher r many talent player who works very hard.n it is beter to select players lik cricket so team wil b stronger.they gives 100% affort 4 da team n nation.

Rai Rohit
:Pahile PAC lai ANFA ko hisab kitab check jaach garawnu parxa...tespaxi...kumti ma 3-6 jana bideshi prasikxak liney...Ktm ma kamtima 6 ota good condition ground banawne...kheladi xanot lai seriously liney...75 jilla bata 2-3ta team hunegari xanot garne...kheladi harulai diet+health care+education+training+psychological training diney...24/7 football bahek aru kehi kura herna, garna nadiney...laparwah+discipline wasta nagarne lai bahira nikalne....bideshi team sanga khelai basne....ramro khelne+sikawne lai nagad protsahan diney...bideshi club tira khelna sahyata+mawka+sifaris garne...yo sab gardani kehi nalagey Football khelnai pratibandha lagawne!

Subas Humagain
: I say Develop the Pitch, Then the youth development and lastly go abroad to train and play friendlies. Heating up only before tournament is like using preventive measures after suffering.

Tamu Xaunak
As i have alrdy commented on following status...(1)our plyrs has big problem tht is timing calculation in ball passing.there should be improvement for tht there should be one good and perfect coch who can give kind of qualty training..

(2)ANFA must hard workout to bring energetic plyr frm across the country and rise more and more good plyr by giving chances to ply a good plyrs..

(3)ANFA must have to think about plyrs secure future so tht thy could ply without confusion of any uncertainities future..

बिक्रम खनाल: No first or last ANFA should be changed totally, youths must be in Anfa .
Team should not focused on Ktm they should be in every districts
more international games should be played
A level coaches should be brought

Dipesh Khadka
: Football Academy In Different Parts Of Nepal Especially On Football Crazy Places! And Training Kids In Free Or With Few Cash! Will Do A Lot! And Let's Have Lots Of Youth Level Competitions!

Suman Maharjan
: ANFA should be disolved and new body should be form gverning the footdabll of nepal

Rohanist Aryalism Hire foreign coach coz we are technically weak, dont have effective strategy, poor striking must improve

Savvy Roshan
lack of genuis player lack of proper scouting to select best among the best player from whole over nepal..and lack of traning.

Sudeep Shrestha In my point of view the following three should be consider ..: 1) nutrition - as todays competitive day we should concern about physical structure of the nutrition is very imo.2) secure future - as our country football structure is below semi professional player can only rely on there should be secure future for the player..3) better management - last but not the least ...without proper n responsible management in the football , no one can imagine the better future ...

Safal Srestha
coaches like graham roberts shud be brought in Anfa academy...tetro AFC ko vice president huda huda ganesh thapa k herdai baseko hola?? Yeso FIFA sanga help magera 2 3 jana foreign coach haru laye academy ko player haru le kyai navaye ni international level ma khelne layak technical skills develop garna ta sakthe....nepali coach haru Fifa licence ni nali coaching tira lag6an....yesari kaile develop huncha hamro Nepali football????

Rimal Rupesh
‎1. Lack of untiy ( Hami k ko lagi khaldai chau hamlai afnfa ma kina rakheako cha banera patakai afno jimewari bahan nagarera)2.Rasta ra rastiyata nabujara ( Hami afno lagi nakhalara desh ko lagi khaldai chau banne bujna paryo)3.lack of foregin coach ( hamila sachai man dakhi nai nepal ra nepali ko football lai samman gardachau bane sachai nepali coach banda bidasi coach lai prata mikta dinu parcha jasto lagcha) 4. anfa n sampurna desh ko football samarthak ( hamila hamro desh nepal ra nepali ko football lai abako kati barsa ma kaha puraune banne kura ko pahila ko ispasta karya yojana huna parcha ani matra hami lakshya ma pugna sakchau ) there should be a aim to do sth

Raveen Shrestha

‎1) No selfish game only team work
2) Increase in facilities and lotz of investments
3) More internation practise games

RoYale SaNdy:
now i m goin 2 publish de top secret....i want 2wait till oman game....1thing ANFA Z NT SERIUOS ABT DOSE GUYS most important thing z dey r nt well manerd...u wil b shockd guys coz dey r young bt using unnecesary things like cigrete n joint(gaja)...i hav proof...dere coleagues told me evrything..soonly i'l publishd dere name wid real proof...dats why main thing z strong discipline which dey dont hav..sory 2 say dat bt k garnu aba navane dhila hune vo so.....nw if see dat u-16 over here n dere surely i'l kick dere crack ***...ohhhh god dey trained frm many years bt don hav manner n discipline....sho soryy guys don mind last option z i m nt blaming whole bt dere r many players..i'l kick dem

Santosh Kc

1. balanced diet
2. ramro stadium
3. proper training, game aauna lagyo bhanera matrai hoina, whole year making players busy with games
4. more friendly matches with foreign
5. opening new academies with proper facilities... and so on....

Sagar Bidari standard ground 2.regular training 3.more n more international friendly with upper level footballing nation

Amit Panday
: aba youth team lai coach garna ramro foreign coach magaunu parcha saafff ma pani fail afc ko selection game ma pani fail yesta chan bhabisya ka nepali football team lajaimardo performance vayo 

You can see more comments on our facebook page.

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