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Nepal U-16 Coach: It Is Heart-rending Loss; Silly Mistakes Cost Us Dear
Sep 14, 2011 05:27:35 PM

Nepal U-16 Coach, Sunil Kumar Shrestha said that the loss was painful and it was silly mistakes which cost them dear.

He admitted that his team couldn't play well.

He also said that they focussed on ground passes for the reason, opponent had height advantage.

He said Nepal could have won the game if they had performed well.

Speaking at thepost match conference, Shrestha said," This is heart pinching loss. This is a fact that we couldn't play well. We focused on ground passes since they had height advantage. We were playing 50-50 game but silly mistakes cost us dear."

"We could have won the match had we performed well. The most important in the match is to score goals. That is what we couldn't do so."

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