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Expensive Ticket Price - The Reason Behind Low Turn Out At Dasrath Stadium In AFC U-16 Qualifiers (Vox Pop)
Sep 13, 2011 09:35:20 PM
AFC U-16 Group D Qualifiers kicked off in Kathmandu from September 12 where huge number of Nepalese football fans were expected at Dasrath Stadium to support Nepalese team in the opening match against Syria U-16. But the presence of the spectators was  lesser than in other tournaments. asked Nepalese football fans about the reason why they didn't turn up at Dasrath Stadium to support Nepalese team in GoalNepal facebook page. Most of them replied expensive ticket was the reason.

Let's read what they have to say:

Lalit Rana Magar :Ticket is so expensive than game!

Bixon Tamrakar: lack of time i guess ppl lke me who is bg in office how can we manage to watch it??? games should b in flood lights so that many ppl have time to go to watch during mid week games.this cud b very handy to attract more ppl in the stadium.flood lights are not used so i guess they r not in proper order as well.

Milan Kumar Kc: Personally, I have exams. In general, I think people thought that Syria is a strong team & will defeat Nepal so why to be there to watch it on sunny day & next it is a working day. But, boys played very impressive game in first half which they should have continued to attract us in coming matches, but they failed to do so in 2nd half. Anyway, Best wishes of our team. Go Nepal...Cheers!!!

Raju Poudyal: basic reason is high ticket price" another reason the loss agianst the indian team last time when we were in winning position and also the fright of us loosing to the strong arabs!

Xtreeky . Trendz: Xpncv tcket 4 poor prformnce.

Gole Janak: Bg at office tiket price high

Pradipan Jung Thapa: Tickets are too expensive, might as well watch it on Kantipur. ANFA needs to lower the prices. It should be Rs. 50/200 like the domestic games, then I can guarantee more people will turn up.

Aasish Thapa: 100 & 200 is best..... most people cant afford that price,,,, ANFA is taking too much from games. Dherai money liye pani stadium ko renovation tira ni dhyan diye jhan manche haru aaunchan jasto lagcha,,,

Rabindra Aryal: jabo 200 ra 500 tire ra u16 ko game pani kasle her6 baru ktv lay dayeee hal6 ni tahai bata here hal6u mi ki kaso

Susil Tangu: sure it was on office hour + ticket also expensive must be 150 and 300...

Krishna Panthi: price of tickets..

Grishma Dahal: Dharan ma thiye.1 baje tira flight chadchu bhaneko ta 3 bajisakecha sutera uthda.half time matrai herna pugine bho bhanera live nai here.

Sudip Singh Adhikary: this type of intl match should be organised outside of valley,then real football lovers get the oppertunity to watch.pls think about it.

Promish Moktan: message circulate ramro sanga bhayana..Dat's y

Qshedoop Pakhrin: Coz stadium ko toilet ma breath garna garo cha. .

Dip YongHang: high rate

Manip Sharma: Highrate

Ashish Rai: ANFA laaai khaaali paisaaaa vayeee pugchaa.......tesaile ticket ko price pani khaaali high discount for students too......U-16 ko maa ta kamseekam Discount dinu parcha nii.......

Justin Shakya: ticket ko price therai bho ni......senior international game ma pani tyati line ani junior ma pani tyati nai line .........bhayena price ghataunu paryo

Pramod Shrestha: the main reason is high tikt price and upcoming festive season, ANFA must curtail tikt price to 300 and 100.

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