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Shy Rohit Chand Rides On Wheels In GoalNepal Rendezvous
Aug 19, 2011 08:21:10 PM

GoalNepal Rendezvous second edition was held on Friday evening at Hotel Crown Plaza, Naxal where Nepal National team defender, Rohit Chand proved he was never a "shy" boy.

The lucky winner, Pujan Gautam was right on time and he was excited to line up many questions to chand.

Chand answered all of them, signed an autograph on Nepal football supporting kit to Gautam and enjoyed the sip of coffee.

What a great evening!

Let's  read what GoalNepal Rendezvous winner, Pujan Gautam has to say :

I was in touch with rohit chand from a year ago through facebook. At that time , I used to have facebook chat and had made a dream to meet him  once in my life. Finally my dream came true with the help of When I personally met him, I became excited and felt proud to be the fan of nepali football.

 I felt very lucky  and proud  to have our national defender Rohit chand  in front of me , who is flying for UK soon for great future in football. I want to pray for his successful carrier in football and want to give billions of thanks to who made me able to be in touch with our star .

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