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FIFA World Cup R3: Not A Single Representative From South Asia
Jul 29, 2011 01:25:09 PM

South Asia needs to work hard to match the standard of gulf and ASEAN region....

There is not a single representative from South Asian region in third round of FIFA World Cup Qualifying round.

Nepal lost 10-1 against Jordan, India went 5-2 down to UAE, Maldives couldn't match the standard of Iran with 5-0 loss and Bangladesh were blanked by Lebanon 4-2 over two leg matches.

Teams qualified for third round of FWCQ

Myanmar 0-2 Oman match abandoned (Oman win 4-0 on aggregate)
Nepal 1-1 Jordan (Jordan win 10-1 on aggregate)
Laos 1-6 China (China win 13-3 on aggregate)
Philippines 1-2 Kuwait (Kuwait win 5-1 on aggregate)
Tajikstan 0-4 Syria (Syria win 6-1 on aggregate)
Bangladesh 2-0 Lebanon (Lebanon win 4-2 on aggregate)
Hong Kong 0-5 Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia win 8-0 on aggregate)
Indonesia 4-3 Turkmenistan (Indonesia win 5-4 on aggregate)
Kyrgyzstan 0-3 Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan win 7-0 on aggregate)
Vietnam 2-1 Qatar (Qatar win 4-2 on aggregate)
Malaysia 1-1 Singapore (Sinagpore win 6-4 on aggregate)
India 2-2 U.A.E. (U.A.E. win 5-2 on aggregate)
Palestine 2-2 Thailand (Thailand win 3-2 on aggregate)
Maldives 0-1 Iran (Iran win 5-0 on aggregate)
Yemen 0-0 Iraq (Iraq win 2-0 on aggregate)

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