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Sagar Thapa: We Played For Our supporters
Jul 28, 2011 07:45:56 PM

Nepal National team skipper, Sagar Thapa feels proud to have millions of Nepalese football lovers behind them . He gave his heart to all who were present at the Dasrath Stadium to support the team.

"We played the match forour beloved  fans. We had to prove that we weren't "that" team (losing 9-0). And I think, we proved it". We would like to thank all the supporters, Thapa told reporters in the post match conference.

Thapa also admitted that they feel proud to play at home.

"We always feel proud to play at home in front of 20,000+ fans. We are familiar with the soil at Dasrath Stadium, its corner and the area. We feel comfortable playing here. We feel that we could carry all opponents at arm when we play at this ground", Thapa added.

Let's See What Sagar Thapa told Reporters. GN Video

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