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DPR Korea Coach Yun Jong Su Says He Enjoys The Match
Apr 9, 2011 07:58:22 PM
DPR Korea Coach Yun Jong Su said that he completely enjoyed the match aganst Nepal in the AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers on Saturday.

Speaking at the post match conference, Su said with the help of translator, "I enjoyed the match. Nepalese players didn't give up and they worked very hard".

Su also said that clinical finishing was the only problem in his side.

"We squandered at least three clear goal scoring chances. Nepalese goalkeeper was too lucky to save those chances", Su added.

Su also promised that his boys would play their best to beat Afghansitan in their final match on Monday.

DPR Korea are already qualified to the final round of AFC challenge Cup.

"I want to promise all Nepalese football fans that our team would play competitive football against Afghanistan and win with clear margin", Su concluded.
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