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Such A Shame ! No Participation From Nepal In AFC Cup Qualifiers
Dec 6, 2017 09:08:20 PM - Such A Shame ! No Participation From Nepal In AFC Cup Qualifiers
ANFA has to take this responsibility.

Since ANFA is unable to host national league for two years, Nepal can't represent in AFC Cup qualifiers.

AFC held AFC cup draw in KL, Malaysia on Wednesday in which representative from Nepal wasn't mentioned.

Clubs from India, Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan are participating in the qualifiers.

When contacted ANFA about the reason why there was no representative in AFC Cup qualifiers, spokesperson Sanjeev Mishra said, "Due to various reasons, we are unable to host the league. Three Star club - the champions of 2015 national league - had shown interest to take part but they were not serious later on. We didn't officially communicate with AFC regarding representative from Nepal".

"Once we will host league, the champions will take part in the qualifiers", he answered.

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