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Nepal Jumps Six Position Up To 170 In FIFA World Ranking
Nov 23, 2017 03:52:41 PM - Nepal Jumps Six Position Up To 170 In FIFA World Ranking
Nepal have jumped six position up to 170 in FIFA World Ranking for the month of Movember.

Germany, Brazil and Portugal lies at the first, second and third position respectively. Iran, Australia and Japan are in first, second and third position respectively among Asian countries.

India is the king of South Asia for this month also as it remains constant at 106th position.

Afghanistan has climbed seven position up to 147th position.

Maldives has slipped one position down to 157.

Bhutan lies at 185 position which is five position up from last month.

Bangladesh has leapfrogged four position up to 192.

Sri Lanka has gone two position down to 200 while Pakistan is unchanged at 201st position.

SAARC Countries:

1. India: 106
2. Afghanistan: 147
3. Maldives: 157
4. Bhutan: 185
6. Sri Lanka: 200
7. Pakistan: 201

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