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Anil Gurung Starring A Lead Role In Nepali Film ?!
Nov 20, 2017 08:16:30 AM - Anil Gurung Starring A Lead Role In Nepali Film ?!
Is Anil Gurung starring a lead role in Nepali film? We think yes.

Close source told GoalNepal that former Nepal international Anil Gurung is leading a role in a Nepali film, which is directed by Narayan Puri.

Source added that Gurung has already received money from the production team.

Former Nepal coach, Krishna Thapa will also be involved in the film as a coach.

On his final day for Nepal national team on November 14, production crew members were seen with big camera focusing Anil Gurung and an actress.

Actress in the round mark.

No more details have been provided from the film production team.

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Pics: Sudarshan Ranjit
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