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Tourists From Czech Republic Say They Feel Happy To Support Nepal !!
Nov 14, 2017 10:32:22 PM - Tourists From Czech Republic Say They Feel Happy To Support Nepal !!
Five tourists from Czech Republic reached ANFA complex 26 minutes late to support Nepal against Philippines.

Honza Pudich is a journalist, who is visiting Nepal with his dad and friends.

Pudich shared his experience about the match and appreciated Nepalese fans for the warm welcome to the complex.

"Unfortunately, we reached another (Dasharath) stadium to watch the match. Then we reached another (ANFA complex). We reached the venue 26 minutes late. When we entered the complex, everybody applauded and supported us. We were so happy. That was special moment for us", said Pudich.

"We are five visiting this beautiful country. We are just back from trekking. My father, who was with me at the stadium, was sports journalist and now I am following his path. In my country, people love sports and football is number one game. When we learned about the game, we wanted to watch the match. Luckily we managed to watch the match. Single lady in the group, Míša had different opinion but I am sure she don't regret now", he added.

When asked him the standard of Nepalese football, Pudich said, "In Asia, there is different style of football. Players are really laborious. Nepal played well. Players number 14 (Anjan Bista) and 23 (Rohit Chand) are really good".

"We are loving this country. We will leave for home on Saturday. I am sure we will come back again", he concluded.

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