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Jagjeet Shrestha: I Don't Have Regrets Coming To Nepal To Join National Team
Nov 14, 2017 09:37:11 PM - Jagjeet Shrestha: I Don't Have Regrets Coming To Nepal To Join National Team
Nepal international Jagjeet Shrestha says he respects coach's decision not to field him against Philippines.

Shrestha was personally called by ANFA president Narendra Shrestha from Australia to join national team. But coach Gyotuku Koji expressed his different views in the pre-match conference when journo asked about Shrestha. He said he didn't call Shrestha.

However, Shrestha was included in the final squad and in the team list too. But he didn't get chance to enter the field.

Speaking with GoalNepal, Shrestha said he had no regrets at all.

"I have no regrets coming to Nepal to join the national team. I respect coach's decision not to field me in the match", said Shrestha.

However Shrestha wanted to enter the field.

"I thought I could make some impact in the match as we had so much space in the wings. But it's okay. It was all up to the coach" he added.

Shrestha is now leaving for Australia on Friday.

"I will go back and will see offers from Australian clubs", concluded Shrestha.

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