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What A Rough Game From Nepal U19; Eight Yellow Cards Against Oman U19
Nov 8, 2017 02:32:19 PM - What A Rough Game From Nepal U19; Eight Yellow Cards Against Oman U19
It happens when you pour your frustration on the field. Nepal U19 players received total eight yellow cards in the match against Oman U19 on Wednesday.

Nepal U19 suffered 5-0 loss at the hands of Oman in their last match of AFC U19 group A qualifiers. Nepal conceded total 12 goals in four matches.

Those players who were cautioned against Oman are:

Anil Maharjan (45'), Bikash Khawas (51'), Suman Aryal (64'), Sesehang (64'), Biswas Udas (67'), Rajan Gurung (83'), Arik Bista (90') and Rejin Subba (90+1).

In the match against UAE, three Nepalese players were cautioned - Bikash Khawas (50'), Rejin Subba (11') and Abhisek Rijal (83).

In the match against Bahrain, Dinesh Henjan was red carded while Bishwas Udas and Rajan Gurung were cautioned with a yellow card.

In the match against Kyrgyz Republic, four players were cautioned - Roman Limbu, Suman Aryal, Abhisek Rijal and Dinesh Henjan were yellow carded.

So total, Nepal U19 were cautioned for 17 times and one player was red carded.

What a rough game from Nepal !
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