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Iraq U16 Coach Ali Hadi Mohsin: We Played An Attacking Game Against Palestine
Sep 22, 2017 02:20:01 PM - Iraq U16 Coach Ali Hadi Mohsin: We Played An Attacking Game Against Palestine

Iraq U16 coach Ali Hadi Mohsin said he was very happy with 4-0 over Palestine that has almost secured their position in the final round of AFC U16 qualifiers.


Iraq had defeated Nepal 1-0 in their first match on September 20. They will meet India on September 24 to determine the group winner.

Coach Mohsin said, "I feel very happy today. The match was difficult but we got what we wanted. Actually, I adopted new strategy today. I have different methods for different games. We will field different players in next match against India".

Commenting on the match, he said, "We have had some attacking mistakes. We will try to rectify them against India. Palestine had to attack in the second half because they had lost their first match and they had to win. We also played an attacking game by pushing defenders ahead. That's why we could score four goals in the second half".

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