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SAFF U18 Championship: Check Out Nepal U18 Players' Rating Against Bhutan
Sep 21, 2017 04:48:41 PM - SAFF U18 Championship: Check Out Nepal U18 Players' Rating Against Bhutan
Nepal U18 suffered 1-0 loss at the hands of Bhutan U18 in SAFF U18 championship on Wednesday.

Our colleague Sabin Pahari has evaluated Nepal U18 players' performance.

Here are the ratings of Nepal U18 players v/s Bhutan U18:

Arpan Karki: 5.5, poor goalkeeping on the spot kick, should have saved that weak penalty effort, rest was okay from the goalie.

Roman Limbu: 5.5, despite defeat had a good game, been booked in the first half.

Ashim Bhusal: 5.0, a game to forget for the defender. Handled the ball inside the box.

Bikash Khawas: 5.5, an average game.

Suman Aryal: 5.5, good performance in terms of defensive game.

Abhishek Rijal: 6.0, good game, made chances but failed in final third.

Anil Maharjan: 5.5, an average game, couldn’t keep up with the attacking force.

Dinesh Henjan: 5.0, not a game he will remember for long.

Sesehang Aangdembe: 5.5, an average game.

Prenzen Tamang: 5.5, failed to impress on his given chances and finishing wasn’t good.

Rejin Subba: 6.0, had chances made the opposition keeper save some shots, but all in vain.


Arik Bista: 5.5, a moderate game since coming on for the midfielder.

Dhiraj Shrestha: 5, had chances but failed on the finishing department.

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