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Nepal Vs Tajikistan: Check Out Ratings Of Nepalese Players
Sep 6, 2017 03:44:59 PM - Nepal Vs Tajikistan: Check Out Ratings Of Nepalese Players
Sabin Pahari

Nepal’s hope of getting into the AFC Asian Cup 2019 has been shattered by Tajikistan in all viable way by defeating the home team by 2-1 on Tuesday, played at ANFA Complex, Satdobato, Lalitpur.

Nepal went down by 2 goals with in first 30 minutes, and responded by scoring through Bimal Gharti Magar in 61 st minute.

Nepal has only 1 point from the played 3 games and are rock bottom in the table, and will be an uphill task to get qualified from this scenario, finishing either of the required 1 st or 2 nd position.

Nepal had to win this game to stay alive in the competition but things didn’t turn out the way Nepal wanted. Nepal played with a 4-4- 2 formation keeping the Army men at the striker’s position. Bharat and Nawayug led the side, but it didn’t prove worthy for the home side. Nepal went 1 down at 25 th minute when Tajikistan converted a corner from a close range.

Kiran Chemjong – 7.0 (A decent game apart from the mistake leading to the second goal conceded by Nepal, made decent saves early and late in the game.)

Ananta Tamang  – 6.5 (A decent game, not much commanding as a center half, blocked some important crosses and passes.)

Devendra Tamang – 6.0 (An average game, his lack of composure lead to the first goal.)

Biraj Maharjan – 5.0 (A poor game for the captain, right from the whistle, giving away many passes than any other in the team, couldn’t gather the team as a captain.)

Kamal Shrestha – 6.5 (A decent game for the full back, with Nepal making most of the chances from the right, had a super shot saved by the opposition keeper from almost 35 yards.)

Anjan Bista – 6.5 (A good game for the center midfielder, but lacked composure and gave away balls in many one vs one dual.)

Rohit Chand – 5.5 (An average game for another experienced player in the team, gave away the ball several times even near his own D-box, which caused Nepal several headaches.)

Sujal Shrestha – 6.5 (A decent game for the winger, who provided with crosses and passes when given the chance, but his miss control led to the corner where Nepal conceded the goal.)

Bishal Rai – 6.0 (An average game. He was kept quiet by the Tajik defenses and didn’t give him any chances of getting in to his stride.)

Nawayug Shrestha – 5.5 (Not a good game for a man who has been fan favorite in recent time, didn’t get much of the ball to prove his worth.)

Bharat Khawas– 5.5 (Another poor game for the Army striker, didn’t make the second run when fed in and had a poor game when in possession.)


Bimal G Magar
– 7.5 (Possibly the only player who played up to the standard even when coming on as a substitute, scored a goal, made some chances and even had cracks from distant.)

Bikram Lama – 6.5 (The other player who made his presence felt right after coming in, controlled the game, made some interceptions and let Nepal gradually take control of the game.)

Prince George – 5.0 (Maybe the debutant never had chances, but didn’t show the glimpses when he was on the ball.)
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