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Nepal U23 Coach Raju Kaji Shakya: We Gained Big Experience
Jul 20, 2017 09:48:36 PM - Nepal U23 Coach Raju Kaji Shakya: We Gained Big Experience
Nepal U23 coach Raju Kaji Shakya said his team gained big experience from AFC U23 qualifiers.

Nepal crashed out from the qualifiers after losing all matches.

Nepal suffered 0-5 defeat against UAE on July 15, 0-2 defeat against Uzbekistan on July 17 and 0-2 defeat against Lebanon on July 19.

Shakya said, "Although were knocked out I think we gained big experience for the next tournament".

"Yesterday, we played well against Lebanon but the match was tough. I am happy with the improvement of the team", he was quoted as saying by AFC.

Team has returned home today.

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