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GN Columnist Nissan Magar Gifts 4 TRX Suspension & 8 Mini Bands To Nepal National Team Through GN Foundation
May 18, 2017 10:13:53 AM
GoalNepal.com - GN Columnist Nissan Magar Gifts 4 TRX Suspension & 8 Mini Bands To Nepal National Team Through GN Foundation
GoalNepal Columnist Nissan Magar has gifted four TRX suspension and eight mini bands to Nepal national team through GoalNepal Foundation.

Magar is a certified coach based in UK and is a regular columnist at GoalNepal.com.

CEO of Biba Publications and President of GN Foundation, Bikram Thapa handed over gears to ANFA president Narendra Shrestha on Wednesday at ANFA complex, Satdobato, Lalitpur.

The cost of the gears is almost USD 700.


Why ANFA needs to invest in TRX Suspenion? 

The equipments were provided to national team to prevent sports injury and to help the players in rehab process.

History of TRX
TRX equipment was developed by former US Navy Seal Randy Hetrick to give himself and his peers an effective workout in a limited space in a time- constrained lifestyle regime. But now it is one of the most effective equipment there is out there today, and is used by all top professional football clubs to condition their athletes.

At professional level, it is absolutely paramount that athletes are in top physical condition. Strength, balance, flexibility and stability are several core competences of physical conditioning. And all these physical qualities can be trained and achieved using the simple TRX equipment.

TRX equipment gives you a total body workout with a big emphasis on your core strength and stability. Strong CORE strength and stability are key to injury prevention and optimal performance.  You can perform over 300 exercises using TRX equipment.

Not only is TRX equipment used by professional footballers, but also by professional basketball players, UFC fighters, boxers and many more.

Unlike gyms and training grounds, TRX equipment are cheap and one of the best investment anyone can make. With the funds ANFA receives from FIFA and AFC. This should be peanuts to their budget, therefore they should have no excuses regarding financial viability.

With TRX training, our National team players will be able to perform better and reduce the likelihood of getting injuries FOR a very low price. This piece of equipment would be a great investment for clubs as well.

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