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Coach Jeevan Sinkeman Running Football's Fundamental Training For Kids
Apr 21, 2017 04:12:07 PM - Coach Jeevan Sinkeman Running Football's Fundamental Training For Kids
Coach Jeevan Sinkeman is running football's fundamental training for kids.

Football's fundamental training (FFT) is the football training program designed to provide platform for children and youths to enhance for knowledge and performance in football.

The main motive of this program is to impart fundamental knowledge of the beautiful game and use football as a tool to make participants aware about life skills knowledges like discipline , team work , support , leaderships etc .

Jeevan Sinkemana , 10th SAFF bronze medalist , AFC certified football and futsal coach is the lead trainer.

Attraction of the FFT are

- learn by fun
- friendly / evaluation matches
- star support
- Reflect, connect & apply ( RCA ) method

R-C-A method relates their experience, connect it with the present scenario and discuss like how they can use their learning in future

FFT is 30 hrs program, 2 hrs a day, max. 15 participants in a session, training is practiced in safe and clean environment of futsal, certification is done at the closing of the program.

Recently, FFT played friendly match home and away with Samakhusi futsal team under former national player Rajesh Shahi.

National goal keeper Bikesh Kuthu had visited the training and interacted with the participants as part of star support segment.
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