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Udayapur Gold Cup 2073 Makes A Profit Of Rs 2,73,511
Mar 20, 2017 11:07:17 AM - Udayapur Gold Cup 2073 Makes A Profit Of Rs 2,73,511
Udayapur gold cup 2073 has made a profit of Rs 2,73,511.

Tournament organizing committee held press meet on Sunday in Gaighat.

“We collected Rs 34,44,500 and spent Rs 31,70,989. We are yet to collect Rs 4,40,500”, said treasurer Pradip Shrestha.

“We suffered huge loss in previous editions but we have managed to make some profit this edition”, he added.

Committee President Kiran Rai thanked all for making the event successful.

Rupandehi XI had won the title of the championship, which was sponsored by Asian Thai foods.

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