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OFFICIAL: Star Striker Nawayug Shrestha Ruled Out For Philippines Clash
Mar 9, 2017 06:08:09 PM - OFFICIAL: Star Striker Nawayug Shrestha Ruled Out For Philippines Clash can officially confirm that star striker Nawayug Shrestha has been ruled out for Philippines clash.

Shrestha had sustained hair line fracture in left knee. He wore knee brace for two weeks but he didn't feel okay after removing it. So, after consultation with head coach Koji and physio Raju Dahal, Shrestha decided not to continue training and have proper rest for a month.

Shrestha said he would come back strongly after proper rest.

"I was confident that I could make it but I didn't want to risk my career. I will now take proper rest and will come back strongly", said Shrestha.

"It feels sad but this is a part of the game. I must take proper rest, eat well and work hard to regain my fitness back", he added.

He revealed he was going home (Ilam) and then head towards famous "Pathivara" temple to get blessing from goddess.

"I am going to Pathivara temple to get blessings. I wish good luck to my team. I am confident we will get good result in Manila. I will pray at Pathivara temple", he added.
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