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Public Accounts Commiitee (PAC) Writes CIAA To Know "whereabouts" Of Corruption Case Of Ganesh Thapa
Feb 8, 2017 06:02:36 PM - Public Accounts Commiitee (PAC) Writes CIAA To Know
Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has written a letter to Commission for the investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to know "whereabouts" of corruption case of former ANFA president, Ganesh Thapa.

PAC member, Ramhari Khatiwoda told GoalNepal that they drafted a letter to CIAA on Wednesday. He believes that the letter has already been dispatched to CIAA office by today itself.

PAC had earlier declared that then ANFA president Ganesh Thapa was involved in Rs 58 crore embezzlement.

However, CIAA had put the corruption case of Rs 58 crore on hold citing lack of evidences.

Critic believe, Lokman Singh Karki, who has lost his job as the chief of the constitutional anti-graft agency following a Supreme Court ruling on January 8, was the man behind in the protection of disgraced Thapa.

FIFA also found Thapa involved in wrong doing. FIFA suspended Thapa for 10 years and slapped a fine of Nrs 21 lakhs. 

PAC member Ramhari Khatiwoda told GoalNepal, "We decided to write a letter to CIAA to find out what is happening about the case. Most probably, the letter has already been dispatched to CIAA office. We (PAC officials) will meet again in 10 days and will follow up with CIAA about the case".

Sports Ministry and National sports council had also formed separate committees to investigate the case but the authorities never had guts to reveal the facts.

Thapa, who is now a RPP leader, is repeatedly saying that he has done nothing wrong as ANFA president.
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