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GoalNepal Foundation Donates 10 Indestructible Footballs To Bishnupaduka Football Academy
Jan 31, 2017 09:26:13 AM
GoalNepal.com - GoalNepal Foundation Donates 10 Indestructible Footballs To Bishnupaduka Football Academy

GoalNepal Foundation has donated 10 indestructible footballs to Bishnupaduka football academy at Hemja, Kaski.


GoalNepal CEO & GoalNepal Foundation President Bikram Thapa handed over the balls to the president of Bishnupaduka Club Ramesh Karki and coach Subin Shrestha amid a program at Hemja.

Indestructible footballs dont need pump and they last for a longer period.

The foundation is appreciating youth football academies across the country with sporting gears.

Earlier it donated 9 indestructible footballs and 30 school bags to Sahara academy, Pokhara.

And 10 indestructible footballs to Kakarvitta football academy in Jhapa.

"We feel glad to support Bishnupaduka football academy, which is doing its best for the development of youth football", GoalNepal Foundation president Bikram Thapa said.

There are 140 kids training at the academy. They train regularly thrice a week.

"We are appreciating youth football academies of Nepal. We want all clubs to start grassroots football. This is the only way we can produce quality football players in the long run. This is just a small appreciation from our side. We will provide more support to the club in coming days", added Thapa.

Coach Subin Shrestha thanked GoalNepal Foundation for the support.

GoalNepal is using football as a tool to promote peace, gender equality, leadership quality and to combat against drug abuse.

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