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ANFA Seems To Be Irresponsible To Repeat Same Mistakes To Devastate Football In Nepal
Oct 26, 2015 06:18:29 PM - ANFA Seems To Be Irresponsible To Repeat Same Mistakes To Devastate Football In Nepal
This month, the football issue raised its head of stupidity to stun all the football fans. The match-fixing scandal by senior National Players and their arrests is still on-ear and today "overage" issue has come to add next fiasco.

Asian Football Association (AFC) has disqualified Nepal U16 team from AFC U-16 Championship India 2016 for fielding overage player in the qualifiers that was held last month in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Skipper Manish Karki was found overage by AFC out of the three players; Goalie Arpan Karki, Skipper Manish Karki and striker Rejin Subba; whose MRI was conducted in Bishkek.

Nepal's governing body - All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has made deliberate attempts to cheat and misrepresent the country. It is all to be blamed the FA for repeating their wrongdoings in such huge platform where Nepal's berth into the AFC U16  finals is now cancelled.

It is the third time that ANFA has cheated Nepal, Nepalese football fans, AFC and FIFA, dodging age of the players. Earlier in 2014, they were fined 2000 USD for fielding overage players. At that time, ANFA was also warned to not repeat such behaviors.

But ANFA seems to be irresponsible to repeat same mistake to devastate  football in the country. 

It was all the young guns who excelled at the junior level playing the tournament to became one of the best runners up to qualify for final round. ANFA is all responsible for fielding the overage player in the qualifiers.

ANFA instead of amending their mistakes, they continued to embarass  football fanatics further. I wonder, how is football going on in Nepal?

Is it developing? I question, why are not they serious?  

It is really a very serious matter to know and deal with.

FIFA, AFC and Nepal government must take severe action against ANFA and its leadership.

Enough is Enough. Stop cheating and be careful. Nepalese football fans are just awaiting for a chance to take things to their own.

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Yujal Shrestha
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