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Lumbini FC Coach Yam Gurung: Coach Like Me Is Not Capable For The League
Oct 12, 2015 08:27:43 PM - Lumbini FC Coach Yam Gurung: Coach Like Me Is Not Capable For The League
Lumbini FC coach Yam Gurung accepted his failure in guiding the team properly in the RedBull National League.

Lumbini FC, Butwal based club, finished the league in 8th position with just 8 points from 16 matches.

"I observed biasness made for teams. Some teams are given foul for minor fouls while others are not even cautioned for 100% fouls. Coach like me is not capable for this kind of league.", said the coach after losing 0-5 to Nepal Army Club on Monday.

“I failed as a coach in the league. I couldn’t lead the team properly. We were giving their salary on time but we could’t understand about the problems in the team. "

Commenting about the match against Nepal Army, he said, "My striker failed to utilize chances we created in early minutes. My boys came under pressure in the second half. "

“The coordination among the players was also lacking. And it feels sad to say I am not happy with the result of the team in the league.

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