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RedBull National League: Three Star Club Beats Lumbini FC To Move To The Top
Oct 4, 2015 03:25:01 PM - RedBull National League: Three Star Club Beats Lumbini FC To Move To The Top
Three Star Club thrashed Lumbini FC 5-0 to move to the top in RedBull National League at ANFA Complex.

It was Three Star Club who dominated the field from the start till the end.

Stars failed to twinkle earlier when their foreign recruit Olawale squandered four clear chances. In the 6th minute, Olawale saw his 20 yard long ranger sailing little above the bar and his next attempt in the same minute went inches wide the post from close range.

In the 26th minute, he couldnot head a neat ball after opponent goalie Dilip failed to punch Saroj Dahal's cross.

It was Olawale himself who broke the deadlock in the 29th minute with a perfect finish.

Amar Dangol, who made his place in first XI in place of Santosh Shahukhala (double yellow) then doubled the tally for Stars in 37th minute. Dangol being inside the box fumbled before and managed to direct the ball into the post in a cross off Jagajeet Shrestha.

Dangol also should have netted another just after a minute, had not he fired the ball wide from close range.

In the entire period, Lumbini FC were only seen to enjoy in few occasions when they made nothing to notice about.

The second period was a carbon copy of the first half seeing Stars dominating the guests.

Amar Dangol moulded the first chance to Stars but he failed to convert it in the 47th minute.

Jagjeet netted the half cleared ball of Olawale to tripple the tally for Stars nine minutes later.

Olawale again added fuel to the fire in the 62nd minute when he beautifully netted the ball after making a perfect run from mud zone to the opponent box.

Three star didnot made the end yet. They marked a heavy 5-0 win, adding next goal in the 77th minutes through Jagajeet Shrestha.

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