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ANFA President Ganesh Thapa: "Ganesh Thapa Is Losing To Save Nepali Football"
Oct 20, 2014 04:33:16 PM - ANFA President Ganesh Thapa:
ANFA President Ganesh Thapa said that they were following suspension orders of PAC to cooperate with the investigation.

Speaking in the press meet, President Thapa said," "We have no choices left in this matter (PAC's two-month suspension decision.). We tried our best. Even players requested PAC to rethink about its decision. We also appealed PAC through NSC and Sports Ministry. But we were not successful.

"After holding a meeting with ex-co members this morning, I am handing over all my responsibilities to senior VP Lalit Krishna Shrestha for two months. The responsibilities of ANFA Treasurer Birat Krishna Shrestha will be handled by deputy Treasurer Rabindra Joshi. We have no options left now. If we deny PAC's decision, Nepalese football will face ban from FIFA. Players will have tough time within few months of FIFA ban."

President Thapa said that he was following suspension order to save Nepali football.

"Ganesh Thapa is losing to save Nepali Football".

He also read out the letter written for National Sports Council and Sports Ministry where he stated that they had decided to follow suspension orders to cooperate with the investigating agencies during investigation.

Public Accounts Committee directed Sports ministry and Nepal Sports Council to suspend ANFA President Ganesh Thapa, ANFA General Secretary Dhirendra Pradhan, ANFA treasurer Birat Shahi and ANFA VP Lalit Krishna Shrestha for two months accusing them for misusing Rs.581.71 million and to prevent from destroying evidences against him during the investigation.

PAC had directed three different  agencies (Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Ministry of Youth and Sports and Department of Money Laundering) to send suspension letters and carry out separate investigation over the issue and take necessary action within two months.

"I might get clean cheat in the case but my wounds will not be completely recovered. Only proving innocence will not bring all my prestige back. I have lost many things during these days.", further added Thapa.

He also said that ANFA had never taken help from players, coaches, referees and FIFA during investigation.

"We never took help from players, coaches, referees and FIFA during investigation."

Thapa didn't entertain cross questions from Journalist in the press meet.  

It is still unknown how ANFA VP Lalit Krishna Shrestha was eligible to carry out activities at ANFA. According to the source, NSC hasn't yet sent the official suspension letter from PAC to ANFA.

Nirmal Lama, GoalNepal

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