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BREAKING NEWS: FC Twente Interested In Bimal Gharti Magar - GoalNepal Can Confirm Officially (See An Official Letter From The Club)
Nov 9, 2013 07:30:59 PM
GoalNepal.com - BREAKING NEWS: FC Twente Interested In Bimal Gharti Magar - GoalNepal Can Confirm Officially (See An Official Letter From The Club)
GoalNepal.com can confirm that the transfer grapevine of Bimal Gharti Magar to Lierse SK, Belgium & Manchester United of England is all FAKE.

Instead, GoalNepal.com can officially confirm that Netherlands' club, FC Twente is interested in Bimal Gharti Magar.

GoalNepal.com has exclusively received the letter sent by FC Twente to Bimal Gharti Magar.

The club said:

"We would like to invite Bimal Gharti Magar, born on the 26th of January 1998 (PP no 05511457) for a test period at Football Club Twente for the period from November 10th until December 2013. If the coaches are satisfied about his performance during the first trial week, he will be welcome for a longer test period with a maximum stay till December 7th 2013. If the coaches are not satisfied, Bimal will return back home after the first trial week.

The accommodation, food and tickets during and for this period will be for our cost and under our supervisions".

Interestingly, Bimal Gharti Magar is playing in 34th Governor's Gold Cup and the source added that he is yet to apply for the Visa.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for Bimal Gharti Magar. If he is supported by ANFA in receiving VISA as soon as possible and sent to Netherlands, he can be a superstar", an agent involved in this project exclusively told GoalNepal.com.

The agent said, "This is well informed to ANFA. But we haven't received any nod for his release".

This is an exclusive letter:

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