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Gurkha Cup 2013: Best Coach Amrit Panta: The Victory Is Sweeter Than My Sugarcane Business!
Jun 15, 2013 07:47:38 PM - Gurkha Cup 2013: Best Coach Amrit Panta: The Victory Is Sweeter Than My Sugarcane Business!
Amrit Panta was a lost man...

He hibernated from football for almost two decades.

When the coaching post of MMC was vacant, coach Panta's love drove him to the sandy ground of Sanogaucharan - the home of MMC.

"My love towards the club drove me to the club", Panta said, "I asked the club management that I will do the job for free of cost because I love this club. This is like my baby. We have establish this club. We worked hard to guide this club from D division to A Division three decades ago".

"Today, I am very happy. I can't express my words", Panta, who was declared the best coach of the Gurkha Cup, told

His club defeated Nepal army 4-1 to lift the title. He received Rs 50,000.

"Money? It doesn't matter me. I am a business man. I have a sugarcane business in Janakpur. But to be honest, this victory is sweeter than my family run business -Sugarcane!".

"I want to congratulate my players. They deserve this title", Panta added, "I didn't do anything. I just instill a team spirit in them".

Coach Panta however said that he was working in the club voluntarily.

"I am working as a volunteer. I can work any long period for free if club wants me", Panta added, "But today I am not in mood to talk about my future with the club. I just want to celebrate the win with players as a friend".

By: Nirmal Lama,

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