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Former King & Queen Donate Rs 1m To Simara Gold Cup?
Feb 10, 2013 10:55:01 AM - Former King & Queen Donate Rs 1m To Simara Gold Cup?
Nagarik newspaper has quoted local people in Simara that former King Gyanendra Shah and Queen Komal Shah "might have" donated Rs 1m to the organizers of 4th Simara Gold Cup football tournament.

The newspaper featured in Sunday's edition that some "unknown" person deposited Rs 1m in Nawa Jana Jagriti Youth Club's account a week before the tournament kick off.

Magic Moments 4th Simara Gold Cup is being organized in Simara, Bara. The tournament has a cash purse of Rs 4 Lakhs.

"We are very curious to know who had actually deposited such huge money", Nagarik quoted local Sitamaya Lama.

The tournament coordinator, Kasim Miya confirmed that "donor" had deposited money in their account.

"He (donor) didn't want to be named", Miya told Nagarik Newspaper.

Local people have speculated that former King & Queen who arrived Simara last Thursday to stay in Simara for 25 days could have deposited the amount, Nagarik reported.

"Former King & Queen might have deposited the amount", local Rajkumar Phuyal told Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS)

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