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Nepal Performs Poor Game As Pakistan Wins Friendly Series
Feb 9, 2013 04:30:37 PM - Nepal Performs Poor Game As Pakistan Wins Friendly Series
Pakistan coach had something different in his mind. The Serbian fielded in Muhammad Mujahid and the player scored within three minutes after entering into the field. But all credit went to sloppy Nepalese defense line.

That is what changed the script. Pakistan defeated Nepal 1-0 in second friendly match and won the series 2-0.

Mujahid who was lucky to found the ball inside Nepalese D-box placed the ball home nicely in 65th minute  leaving goalie Kiran Chemjong completely stunned.

The defenders; Sagar Thapa, Sandip Rai and Biraj Maharjan looked completely hapless to see from where the super sub found the ball.

Pakistan used tricks to kill the time but they stood firm in the last 10 minutes  to win the match.

Earlier, Nepal started the game in a brighter note with some lively performance from the players but the tempo was down within first quarter of the game.

Pakistan should have taken a lead in 32nd minute but Hassan Bashir wasted a sitter from close range.

Before Bashir wasted a chance, Nepalese goalie Kiran Chemjong made two brilliant saves providing some relief to thousands of fans present at the stadium.

Coach Jack Stefanowski fielded in  Amar Dongol in place of Jagjeet Shrestha aiming to turn the table to their side but that didn't work out.

Anil Gurung, who looked laborious but toothless, had a brilliant chance to open the firing for Nepal but he was little late to beat experienced goalie Jaffar Khan in 30th minute.

After the lemon break, Nepal coaches substituted Raju Tamang with Nirajan Khadka  to strengthen midfield line.

Muhammad Scores. Pic: Nirmal Lama,

Nepal fortune didn't shine and Pakistan scored in 65th minute.

Nepalese coaches used last option, fielding Santosh Sahukhala in the place of Bijaya Gurung but that didn't work out too.

Nepal could have levelled the score and could have given some joy to fans in 82nd minute but Anil Gurung wasted a free header.

Biraj Maharjan sent in a pin point cross from the flank for which Gurung jumped well to find the header but Pakistan goalie Jaffar Khan had perfect clue to where the ball was going and he dived to save the ball.

Anil Gurung had a brilliant goal scoring chance.

Pic: Manoj Singh,

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When FIFA referee Laba Khatri whistled to signal the match was over, thousands of fans had already started cursing on football association and the players.

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