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Fans are the 12th player in the squad of any team. Fans are also the influential and essential element for any football team that can boost the players' morale to achieve good result in the match.

Players are more likely to respond positively when being rewarded and praised for their efforts and appropriate behaviour

rather than being confronted with pinitive measures.

To ensure that players recieve the greatest benefit from their involvement in football, it is strongly recommended that a code of conduct for parents/friends/officials and administrators is adopted and implemented at every level of formalized competition and training.

Regular communication between the fans, players and football administrator will ensure that the players' needs are looked after and the players also learn to appreciate the valuable contribution of fans, administrators and officials.

So, wants to request all Nepalese football fans to join the Nepal Football Fan Club to make a perfect communication between all parties.

Hurry Up, join Nepal Football Fan Club to make our football stronger, interesting and professional.

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