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GoalNepal Foundation Donates 10 Indestructible Footballs To Bishnupaduka Football Academy
GoalNepal Foundation has donated 10 indestructible footballs to Bishnupaduka football academy located at Hemja, Kaski.... More»
GoalNepal Foundation Donates 10 Indestructible Footballs To Kakarvitta Football Training Centre
GoalNepal Foundation has donated 10 indestructible footballs to Kakarvitta football training centre.... More»
GoalNepal Foundation Donates 40 School Bags, Five Indestructible Footballs To Kids Living In Urban Poor Settlement Area
GoalNepal Foundation has donated 40 school bags and five indestructible footballs to kids living in urban poor settlement area of Kathmandu.... More»
GoalNepal Foundation Donates 9 Indestructible Footballs, 30 Bags To Sahara Football Academy
GoalNepal has donated 9 indestructible footballs and 30 school bags to Sahara football academy amid a program in Pokhara.... More»
GoalNepal Foundation & Child Reach Nepal Distribute Footballs To Shree Thangpaldhap HS School And Shree Satkanya School
GoalNepal and Child Reach Nepal have distributed footballs to another school in earthquake hit district, Sindhupalchowk.... More»
GoalNepal Foundation Donates 30 Jerseys, 10 Footballs To Rajghat V.D.C Girls Team In Morang District
GoalNepal has donated 30 Jerseys and 10 footballs to Rajghat V.D.C girls team in Morang district.... More»
GoalNepal, Child Reach Nepal Start Distributing Footballs To Earthquake Hit Schools
GoalNepal and Child Reach Nepal have started distributing footballs to schools in earthquake hit districts.... More»
GoalNepal Donates A Set Of Jerseys & 10 Footballs To Earthquake Hit Mount Summit School has donated a set of jerseys and 10 footballs to earthquake hit Mount Summit School located at Jorpati, Kathmandu.... More»
GoalNepal To Donate 110 Footballs To 12 Schools In Five Earthquake Affected Districts is distributing 110 footballs to 12 schools in five earthquake affected districts.... More»
GoalNepal Appreciates Youth Football Academy Run By Former Nepal International Deepak Bhusal has appreciated a youth football academy run by former Nepal international, Deepak Bhusal.... More»
GoalNepal Donate Rs 20,000 To Referee Madhav KC Whose House Was Damaged By Deadly Earthquake
GoalNepal has donated Rs 20,000 to referee Madhav KC, whose house was damaged by deadly earthquake that struck past April.... More»
GoalNepal's Rehab Program Continues; Distributes Footballs To Traumatized Children At Tundhikhel Camp
GoalNepal continues its rehab programs for earthquake traumatized children.... More»
GoalNepal Tries To Make Earthquake Traumatized Children Happy At MYA Camp, Bhaktapur - PICTORIAL
GoalNepal is running "Football for healing the pain" campaign for earthquake tramautized children at various camps in Kathmandu valley.... More»
GoalNepal Launches Rehabilitation Program; Starts Distributing Footballs To Earthquake Victims In A Partnership With Adidas Nepal
GoalNepal has launched a rehabilitation program for earthquake victims staying in different camps in Kathmandu.... More»
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